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Au-Thursday is here again... Today, the wonderful J C Martin - author of the Doll and Oracle

Au-Thursday seems to be arriving with more haste as each week quickly passes.  Today, I was lucky enough to catch up with the writer of The Doll and the recently released Oracle.  Be sure to check out the Au-Thursday page and the insightful interview from J.C. Martin.

It was another misty morning again this morning.  As my holiday to Spain draws near, I count down these dreary, grey, Manchester mornings.  Not long to go now.  Just thirteen more, to be precise.

The Field is so close to completion now, I can almost taste it!  The writing continued last night and I estimate that in a week's time, it should be complete (writing-wise).  After that, the incredibly 'fun' editing process begins.  Always the long drawn out process that can make authors hide behind anything big enough to accomadate them, it is something that needs to be done and it will be, folks, it will be. 

Other than this, I have been contemplating a Movie Review page on my website, this is something I used to do for a big, famous website, some years ago and I quit due to time constraints.  However, now I am busier than ever, I have began thinking about resurrecting the idea... Yeah, I know.  Time and energy permitting, it is a possibility.  I'll leave it there, for now, though.  The thoughts of concluding the Field and the first of the trilogy is eating away at my insides - forcing its way out to reveal its dark, ugly self.  Tentative notes and scrawls on the second part of the trilogy, Scab are in the works, also.  Again, I'll post more on here when I am able to do so.

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