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Warren Rome

Author of the Macabre

As the excellent reviews for Glory Hole flood in, we hope our paranormal vigil tonight is not rained off

Busy, busy, busy at the moment.  Glory Hole has been receiving outstanding reviews which is not only thrilling, it makes all those long, dark, lonely nights typing away at the laptop, all the more worthwhile.  Thanks everyone for your support and for those who have not picked it up yet, check it out (see a few of the excellent reviews on link below)


I am currently pushing it in every way I can, and with interest from a couple of movie directors too, (although only in tentative stages currently) who knows what the future holds for my debut novel?

I will be looking at introducing some fellow authors to you over the coming weeks; as my blog develops and matures, I hope it will provide a fascinating insight into all different area's of horror.  Personally, my passion for horror is not stapled to literature and film.  I love anything dark, paintings, drawings, tattoo's, comics, paranormal investigations - the list is never ending!

On the subject of Paranormal investigations, we will be heading out tonight - weather permitting.  I say weather permitting because the place we are heading is so open and desolate. If a storm hits, there will be little shelter for our group and equipment.  Fingers crossed the weather remains OK, although the dark grey foreboding sky is not generally a good sign...


The premiership season kicks off today and I will be cheering on my boys later.  Hopefully, my car - Bruce, well, he has been a little poorly of late, so I am hoping for the all clear from the car doctor this afternoon, with the additional hope that it does not hit me in the pocket too hard (one can dream).

Have a great weekend everyone.  Be sure to follow me on twitter @WarrenRome to keep up with events tonight, and if it goes ahead as planned, I will complete a full blog report as I did with our last investigation (including photo's, video's and descriptions.  Check out July 14th onwards blogs for our wonderful investigation last month at Newsham Orphanage, if you have not seen them already).

Thanks for reading and most importantly of all,

Stay Scared



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