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Apartment 1303


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This disaster of a movie is not worth my time in reviewing to be honest.  However, I will endeavour to do so if only to save people time and to stop them falling into the trap of watching this mess.  The cover of the movie gives an impression that this could be one sinister addition to one’s horror collection.  This is the last time I will be fooled by an impressive DVD cover only to watch the film open-mouthed in shock at the obvious neglect of anything tangible, watchable or even entertaining. 


I will admit to watching this disaster a few weeks ago so it is already evaporating from memory, and I am delighted to be frank.  There were around two sets in the entire movie.  In all honesty, this could have been a theatre production; I am sure my old school drama class created equally awful presentations such as this.  The actors are woeful and few and the scary scene’s limited too.  The lead characters boyfriend has an uncanny resemblance to George Michael which caused a moment of amusement but, unlike the duration of the film, this passed quickly.


The main premise of the movie being about an old, alcoholic, washed up, one hit wonder pop star suffers a dysfunctional relationship with her daughters.  Her youngest, in her naivety moves out into apartment 1303, the first apartment she has viewed.  Despite the reservations her elder sister has over her sister’s decision to move into the new place, our main character is stubborn and so begins the story of Apartment 1303.  As the story sluggishly moves on, we discover that past residents of this apartment have met with horrible yet hard to explain deaths.


It honestly does not get any more exciting than this.  Despite some aesthetically pleasing shots, there is absolutely nothing to save or recommend this turkey.  With the vast array of horror movies out there, do the right thing…  Pick another!

3.5/10 ***


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