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Warren Rome

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A Washed out Witch Hunt and a White Lady

The sounds of thousands of tiny hammers drumming the roof of our car as we neared our destination were only part of the problem.  As we pulled up and parked the car, we killed the engine and listened to the rain which ricocheted around us like metallic applause, quelled every now and then by the swaying vehicle in the wind.  This location is problematic in decent conditions due to the rugged ground and harsh, bleak, environment.  Any attempt at a paranormal investigation would be pure folly.  The results would have been unusable due to the conditions, our equipment would have been ruined and the thoughts of sitting out there attempting a Ouija board experiment bordered on insanity.  With heavy hearts we decided on waiting no longer and immediately started up the engine.  After last week’s debacle (again a wash out) we had decided that a substitute location would be necessary.  The second location did not boast the dark forces that the present location was famous for.  There were no witches, hangings, cats buried alive behind walls or castle ruins.  The second location had been selected as it was within two hours drive and on lower ground which would hopefully shield us from the violent gales that were battering our transport.  If the weather picks up in the next few weeks we will return to the location of the nine witches.  One thing is for sure, if we are to do these investigations, we will do them as truthfully and professionally as we possibly can.


The second location had an interesting history also.  Tales of a “White Lady” were part myth but as quite often the case, held elements of truth.  The ghostly apparition of a lady in white had been reported numerous times by locals over the years.  It was said that she would wander the vast grounds of our second location.  Marbury Park as it is now known, once was a huge old English manor house that was located in the centre of acres of forestry, fields and land.  The building has now long gone, although the foundations and steps to the front of the house do still remain to this day and this would be the setting of our first vigil. 


As we arrived, another car stopped and rather bizarrely remained motionless, seemingly watching with interest what we were doing.  As this was not my usual team, our group were alarmed by the car that now followed us and as we halted our vehicle they parked only a few yards down the road.  Very strange indeed!  Whatever their motive, we were not to be put off a second time.  We embarked on the investigation with our equipment and entered the great gates that screamed with our impertinent intrusion at this late hour.  Trudging along the wet grass and gravelly pathway that once lead to the huge house, we were not the only inhabitants of this vast place.  Rabbits frolicked and froze in the dazzling lights of our torches before they scarpered into the woods that surrounded the perimeter.  Keeping one’s balance proved challenging due to the dozens of rabbit warren’s and plentiful badger sets.


The foundations of the building were now challenged by the overgrown grass and weeds and relieved to be able to release the heavy bags of equipment we settled, and set up the cameras.  My  partner, Holly immediately set off with the dowsing rods but with the rain getting heavier and the K2 showing no results, we ventured into the darkness of the forest.

The warning cries of the owls and the constant crackle of trodden twigs assured us we were not alone.  The problem was, with little signs from our equipment and the worsening weather, we were fighting a losing battle.  We reached a spot in the woods that appeared a drier area and the thick, luscious trees welcomed us openly.  The cameras and camcorder were in use and our EMF meter and digital thermometer was used.  As this area was on higher ground we could view the lake – another scene of supposed paranormal activity.  According to the reports, a lady in ‘old fashioned clothing was seen washing a small malnourished child’.  Unfortunately the harsh weather it seemed, was providing too much of a challenge for any entity or spirit from making an appearance and they had perhaps done what we should have – stayed at home.


Onwards we walked once more.  Further, deeper into the woods.  These grounds truly go on for miles.  Stopping again at the scene where there have been accounts of a ghostly horse – no less, we attempted contact.  Aside from a flicker indicating a presence on the K2, again nothing.  I tried with the dowsing rods but unfortunately we arrived at the conclusion that this was not to be our night.  The equally fascinating and enraging thing about paranormal investigations is that there are no guarantees.  What might happen one night may not necessarily occur the next night and visa versa.  Although I am indeed an author of the macabre, when taking part in these investigations I am bound by the need to provide evidence – not fabricated bullshit that can only further empower the critics and doubters.  With this in mind, we have to accept that there will always be nights like this.  More nights akin to this in-fact than the successful nights such as last month and our spectacular visit at Newsham Orphanage (see last month’s blogs for full report).


We set off on our trek back to the car and although we all heard it, without the support of a camera or recorder to back us up, it is frustrating to confirm that three members of the group heard an audible groan.  It was not the noise one would associate with an animal but as we were all walking and taking into account the conditions, we have to put this down to the elements.  Weather permitting, we will be on the trail of the witches soon – Lord knows, I hope so.

Until the next time,


Stay Scared



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