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Warren Rome

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A peek into my world...

I was asked to provide a photo of the room where my macabre scrawling takes place.  Unfortunately, as it is such a crammed crevice in the small terrace I currently occupy, I mocked up a photo from the desk (where I work in an office), as it provided better aesthetics.  However, racked with guilt, I have decided to import a photograph of one side of the room (note the desk at the end) in an attempt to hide the mass of DVD boxsets, books, Fangoria collections, horror figurines and collectables on the other side. 

Unexpectedly, I was asked the other day if I was the same W.A.Rome that would provide horror film reviews on a daily basis from a well populated website some years ago.  Indeed I was - note the shelving containing a part of my horror collection on the photographed side of my tomb-like study.

Apparently the personal touch can make all the difference, they say.  Well, here you are - just a little insight into where my characters are created.

Stay Scared




Yes - that is a Jason Voorhees collectors item...  Should be up on the wall but yet to have the time to get it up on the wall!


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