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30 East Drive - October 2015

30 East Drive, Pontefract


I would consider myself a fan of horror.  Some prefer slasher, some giallo, others lean towards supernatural terror or torture-porn.  I am a fan of horror – no matter the sub-genre.  Whilst some are ‘turned off’ by a slow building tense affair, I revel in it as much as a white-knuckle, thrill-a-minute roller-coaster ride of an experience.  With this in mind it is fair to say that I have enjoyed, I use the term ‘enjoyed’ to enable me to dispose of potentially using the term ‘taken something from’.  The reason for this is obvious as I have no intention of taking anything away with me when investigating supernatural or supposed supernatural locations.  Back to the point, I have enjoyed all of my investigations to date.  Some have been the aforementioned white-knuckle ride (NewshamOrphange) to a more, tense, crescendo-building affair (Drakelow Tunnels).  If you are not aware of my previous investigations be sure to seek them out on my previous blogs (www.warrenrome-authorofthemacabre.com).  The intense build-up to my visit on 21st October 2015 at 30 East Drive, Pontefract, brought not only trepidation, but genuine fear within the team, particularly after viewing with disbelief, the airing of Episodes one and two, season fifteen of ‘Most Haunted’.  Strange and coincidence it may have been that our visit on that Wednesday was sandwiched between those two episodes.  If the reputation of 30 East Drive had not garnered such a wide-spread terrifying fervour beforehand, it certainly had after those episodes aired (the fire was further stoked by the live event aired on Halloween night, again with the Most Haunted team).  With a film (When the Lights Went Out) and numerous documentaries already to its name, my team were only too aware of the potential for allowing the reputation to pollute our investigation.  This was something we discussed and attempted at all times to keep in mind.  Like I mentioned earlier however, I am partial to a slow-tense affair and our investigation at 30 East Drive was certainly that – but did it deliver?  I will let you decide upon concluding this report.


All smiles as we anticipate our investigation


As I arrived with Niki earlier than the rest of the team we enjoyed a short conversation with Carol, a spiritual medium and neighbour to 30 East Drive.  Carol, having been a resident for many years has encountered many experiences with the house.  Living next door of course, one would expect that one could cross-paths with the invading spirits that according to legend, reside at the abode.  It was indeed intriguing to discover however, that Carol’s house too is not without its fair share of activity.  I have attached a video of our first viewing of the house.  Upon entering it would be untruthful to suggest we did so without apprehension.  However, we needed to retrieve the huge amount of equipment and baggage we had brought along for the investigation – not forgetting our chippy-tea!  It was at this point we realised the strange gathering of folk outside of the house.  Remembering Carol’s earlier warning “to expect people knocking at the door and requesting a visit and look around the house”.  With this is mind it was still strange to observe people in cars and standing around watching our every move.


Passing ships...


Initially after setting up our many camera’s and computers we scouted the house to get a feel for the place.  It was hard, knowing the history and numerous accounts of terrifying experiences, not to feel slightly unnerved.  We persevered and this strange feeling thankfully soon dissipated.  The group agreed and beginning the first seance of the evening in the living room.  Using our trusty table and a glass we began a glass rotation experiment.  There was little to report at the beginning but after a few minutes of no activity the glass began to move, responding to our questioning.  We added the words ‘yes’ and ‘no’ at the north and south sides of the table to aid the cause and before long we were engaging with a spirit who was calling itself “Emily”.  This was not only strange but upon further investigating post the event we discovered that one of the victims of the infamous Black Monk of Pontefract was a child named Emily.  Emily had met her grisly demise by being thrown down the well, buried under the house.  Stranger still, the owner of the property and director of the movie “When the lights went out”confirmed that nobody else had interacted with this spirit previously.  This was encouraging and of course, quite an outstanding result.  After over thirty minutes engaging we closed the seance down and took a well-earned break.


Brian exploring the hallway...


The now 'infamous' knife, made famous by 'Most Haunted'

As seen on 'Most Haunted'


The next experiment we began with a K2 EMF meter.  Measuring electrical magnetic impulses in the air, we were surprised with the lack of results initially.  However I returned to this particular piece of equipment the following morning and received some excellent results in both the ‘coal-hole’ and in the living room too.   Responding when questioning if I was accompanied by a spirit, the lights flashed to red and responded to my questions.  This was a much better result and rather surprising considering it was taking place in the safety of the daylight.


The team gathering for a vigil in the back-bedroom

Louise, pensive as she makes her way up the stairs.


I spent the evening constantly snapping photographs and after taking a few rounds I was shocked to see the picture of the shadow person emerging into view into the living room.  This strange occurrence as only further clouded by the fact that I had taken numerous photographs within seconds of that one and  from the same position at the same location and this figure did not appear on any other photo.

The 'Shadow-man' emerging into view

Zoom in shot of the 'Shadow-man'


After watching ‘Most Haunted’ and using the name they had indicated they thought to be of one of the spirits in the house, we placed the letters on the floor in the hope that some unseen hands may manoeuvre them into a different position.  Unfortunately, nothing occurred with this experiment.  With my locked-off camera in the far room, it was strange that over the first few hours of setting it up, I had encountered so many difficulties.  It would switch itself off on numerous occasions, go into hibernation mode, or reset itself without anyone disturbing it from my team.  To add further confusion, after the initial few hours of this, it remained switched on for a further twelve hours without a problem.  This particular camera was locked on two polystyrene balls and a bible.  We had set this up to hopefully capture some movement and we no-doubt would have done so but for the sudden loss of light (someone or something switched the light off).  I asked every member of my team and it was confirmed without doubt that the light switch had not been turned off by the hand of one of our team.  Looking back on the recording, the light is turned off and twenty minutes later I noted this and switched it on.  It was only then that we realised that the spirit in the room had seized the opportunity to move the balls a few inches without being noted on camera.


Setting up the locked-off camera

Word games can be fun!

Experimenting with currency

Camera set-up completed


As the evening progressed into beyond the midnight hour, and after a well-earned cup of tea, we began an experiment using my recently acquired S-PB7 AKA a ‘Ghost or Spirit box’.  This interesting contraption creates white noise in which the user may supposedly contact the dead.  The spirits (according to belief) are able to use the radio signals to communicate directly through the box to enable us to decipher messages from beyond the grave.  This exciting piece of equipment was used initially in the smallest bedroom and was soon moved to the living room, main bedroom and finally, coal-house.  Although nothing was evident at the time, when sifting quickly through the footage, I encountered an unearthly scream that interjected into a conversation between my team members and was initiated when a female member of the team laughed out loud, the scream instantly became apparent on the DVR (digital voice recorder).  To this day I cannot explain who or what made the horrible noise but I can personally vouch that it was not created by a member of the team on that night.


The doll to the right inexplicably keeled over in the night.

Orbs and 'shapes' in the living room.  Could that be the figure of a spirit?


Orb action.

More orb action with additional zoomed image of mirror to show what appears to be an orb in motion.

K2 Experiment 


The spirit box was used again the following morning and unfortunately owing to time constraints, I am yet to sift through the footage.  I am aware that a number of people have been patiently waiting for this report and in order to achieve this, I have had to release this blog without fully checking through every piece of footage.  I will do in due course but due to my new book release (The Field ‘Chapter One of “The Hell’s Overspill Trilogy”  http://www.amazon.co.uk/Field-Chapter-Hells-Overspill-Trilogy-ebook/dp/B017FC8DOK/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1449229331&sr=8-2&keywords=w+a+rome) and the amount of time and effort taking to promote this I have had to temporarily leave the footage for the time being.


Orbs in the main bedroom.


Using my laser grid pen we set up on the stairs.  This was left for over two hours and we took photographs and camcorder footage throughout.  I have attached three shots which are quite incredible. Could it be that ‘Emily’ was attempting to make an appearance?  I think it wise to suggest you decide for yourselves...


Laser grid on the stairs.

Is 'Emily' emerging into view?

Meet 'Emily'


Emily in nightdress?


We decided to take a few hours rest after 4 am. It was inexplicably strange and impossible to explain, but as my team one by one began to fall asleep leaving just Brian, my brother and I awake, a strange eerie atmosphere enveloped us.  The feeling of being watched and the sudden drop in temperature was quite exquisite.  Not one of us dared to look into the blackness that was the dining area. I simply cannot explain it.  Potentially it was the knowledge that we were indeed all falling asleep.  Maybe it was tiredness setting in after along night of investigations.  One thing is for sure, I can say that personally, it was one of the creepiest experiences I have encountered in all of the investigations I have participated in.


Master bedroom.  The necklace moved inexplicably throughout the evening.

Orb on the stairs.

The downstairs toilet; very inviting?

The roving jewellery

The notorious coal-hole.   Note my SPB-7 Spirit box on the shelf.


The following morning we began investigating once more.  The K2 meter proved extremely effective.  It appeared that ‘Emma’ or ‘Emily’ again wished to communicate.  This occurred mainly in the living room.  However the K2 became extremely active when I completed a lone vigil in the coal-hole.  There are many points which I believe require further investigation and that is why my team and I will be returning to 30 East Drive on the 20th January 2016.


Those Stairs!

The bathroom


Strange items, little memories or items that remain from past investigations?

Please don't leave me!

The bed where a visitor was reputedly strangled in the night.

Niki and I using the SPB-7


Apologies it has taken so long but I have encountered so many issues with my blog and have been unable to upload images.   I am still trying to upload video's and audio footage so watch this space...

Have a lovely weekend one and all and remember... Stay Scared!





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